Thursday, 14 January 2010

Delphic: New band, same old problem

Doing things differently tends to mean looking beyond your doorstep and not being yet another Manc grave robber.


  1. Another 'Manc' band who aren't actually from the place, not that anyone will let that get in the way of the PR blurb. Cunts.

  2. Another middle class band from a leafy bourgeois area who no doubt soon will be dropping comments about the inspiration of Manchester's 'post-industrial landscape' etc etc

  3. Tony Wilson wouldn't have approved

  4. grow up. Who cares where they're from?
    They're a great band.
    Typical griping Mancs moaning about class and geography.

    I knew Tony well and you know what?
    He WOULD have approved.

    Elliot Eastwick (Cheshire)

  5. Elliot! You're the real deal alright! Didn't you do poppers with Kate Moss as well?

    I bet Wilson approved of that carry on as well!

  6. Is this Blog run by teenagers?

  7. Aren't teenagers the lifeblood of everything that Mancunian music stands for? Or is it now focusing on slightly balding men in their 40s who 'were there'?

  8. What I meant was grow up.
    and - more importantly. I'm 35.


  9. but they are from manchester, bar one member.

  10. 35 - and was there?

  11. I agree with your blog's sentiment

    Any Manc band (or band based in Manchester, who cares) that wants to create their own sound, not being Madchester pigeonholed is an uphill battle.

    Leave Elliot alone though. Your presumptuous tone makes you no better than the 'fortysomethings' you're fighting against. FFS Tony Wilson's only been dead 3 years.

    Don't lose your focus. Steer your vitriol on something more worthwhile. Definitely away from the comments section.

    LOL. See I did a LOL

  12. FFS. Album has been out two weeks and the backlash has started. They're a great band who are never less than exciting live, I'm lucky to have seen them a few times and it's great to see them get some serious national exposure barely 12 months after they were playing the Night and Day. I agree with Turbobelly ,there are far more deserving targets than them to aim you bitter vitriol at.

  13. As you mentioned you'll never find any of Delphic making comparisons to themselves and New Order / Madchester etc.

    Yes, they're New Ordery but not in any shape or form like The Courteeners are Oasisy or Smithsy. They are young, talented guys who probably just started discovering music when Underworld, Orbital, Chemical Brothers (and New Order) were at the stop of their game and doing good stuff and this is where there influence comes from. Being older I quickly came synical about all that Chemical Brothers indie dance shite in the 90's but to a 14 year old they may have been cool as fuck and exciting and now they're just putting their own take on the nineties. I was at the gig Islington Mill and yes there were a shit load of balding Manc wankers but the kids like it too!

    Also agreed, debate about where people are originally come from is stupid, if you have made Manchester your home... your a Mancunian as far as I am concerned. If you live, write, drink, practice your tracks in Manchester you are a Manchester band... look at Everything Everything for example. How far do you wanna take it?

    Understand the sentiment but Delphic are a good band with some good ideas and a great stage show and lets try to make sure they don't get misappropriated by the wankers. As far as everything else is concerned please carry on sniping, absolutely loving it!

    ps. Take a look at the real agenda for fac251 after the shite launch shows are done. Shit students nights and 2 for 1 drinks offers every night.

    Hooky has taken the dollar and pissed it up Wilson's tombstone!

  14. Anonymous...Marple Bridge is part of Stockport. Stockport is and never has been part of Manchester. Greater Manchester doesn't even really exist and even if it did, it's totally different to Manchester itself.

    The only people who will tell you this doesn't matter are professional Mancs from places like Wigan, Macclesfield and yes Stockport.

    By all means label them as a Manchester band but to call the band members Mancs is exactly the kind of dumb repackaging that has been going on far too long and exactly why this blog is striking a chord. If something is good, let it be good. If it's shit, let's not pretend otherwise just because they're from Manchester. Or leafy Marple Bridge.

    Madchester is dead. Long live Manchester you bunch of fucking teds.