Friday, 29 January 2010

Do Look Back In Anger

The Guardian, one of the biggest culprits in the continual shoving of Madchester in people's snouts, have been talking about Manchester's new music scenesters (here).

Every new band is immediately lumped in with those that surrounded Factory. Even in an article about the Chorlton beardfolkies, they couldn't resist the acid house angle (here).


And now, in this new piece, which can't help itself from mentioning New Order, Happy Mondays and Joy Division, we're met with Egyptian Hip Hop, who say:

"None of us like that old Manchester stuff... It's so overplayed, and it gets forced at you just because you're from Manchester. You're expected to like it, but people need to move on. I'm sick of people dwelling on the past. The new Manchester bands are sick of it, too, and want to change things."

Bravo! And a pat on the back for your appalling taste in clothes!


  1. That Hurts band seem like a bunch of cunts aswell, they even have people like David "fucking" Schnedon writing their songs. The media is a fucking joke

  2. "A pat on the back for your apalling taste in clothes"

    Christ, these lads agree with you! Just because you've probably got too fat to fit into skinny jeans.

    Love it. Turn the snob down guys

  3. 30 years ago this year saw the passing of one of musics most influential figures, in 2010 we ask whats next for the MCR music scene and where are the new "Young Men".

    Amidst much hype regarding the state of the current manchester music scene, we head off this afternoon to take in the marathon live music event that will see over 50+ bands play on five stages on oxford road. We search out, the hopeful, the passionate, the bands on the early part of the bill, the new sounds, icons of the future or perhaps just the "Urchin Pop" of the future.

    Catch up with us later when we bring you the news