Monday, 12 April 2010

Let's Take A Trip Down Memory Lane...

While sometimes, granted, FUC51 likes to pick holes and be peevish just for giggles (and to be quite honest, we think that those we're poking fun at quite like it as most of the spats they used to have with rival bands and labels are things of dewy memory), sometimes people make it too easy for us.

Spotted and shared on the FUC51 Facebook page, we have been alerted to a gig at FAC251. And this is where you realise that the picture (above) and headline weren't amusing and ironic illustrations of nostalgia.

At Factory, on 1st October, you can spend an evening listening to Northside. How much? £12.50. Seems like a rip-off? The show finishes at 11pm and you can stay in the club to dance in the clubnight to 'I Am The Resurrection' and 'Step On'.

Don't believe us? Click here.

In other news, thank to the Weekender Blog for being exactly the opposite to us.


  1. Ye gads, how many times do we have to be subjected to this truly awful band? Guess they can't fill out the Ritz this time. Probably cos most of the nostalgic band wagon jumpers who swarmed down there last time realised (and admitted) that they hated them the first time round after all. When are Northern Uproar reforming - sorry I forgot they had and had just changed their name to Twisted Wheel!

  2. They were shit then, and they'll be shit now. Where are Northern Uproar when you need 'em?

  3. Watched them at The Powerhaus in Nineteen Ninetay. Geezer walked up to me and asked me where the toilet was, on the mic I replied. Come back Paris Angels. All is forgiven ...