Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Elevating the dead over the living

30 years have gone by, as good a time as any to get a hack to write another hagiographic puff piece. Or just dig out the one you rehash every few months in the paper.

Does no-one matter until they're dead? [(c) Fugazi] - If we were Performance's press guy we'd be weighing up our options.

It'll be 31 years next year, 32 after that. Plenty more reminiscing to be done, more articles like this one to be written, despite any emotional impact they may have had having been diminished years ago, thanks to the revival industry. Big things planned for the 35th we hear. And the 40th.

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  1. Hopefully there will be a 30th celebration of FAC252 - 'MY TEENAGE OBSESSION WITH HOOKY'S CLUB'

    I first heard Shed Seven there, the song? Chasing Rainbows. I was hooked. Of course, I didn't know it, but Shed Seven carried the ethnos of the club. They chased rainbows. They chased dreams whose dreams? Those of Ian Curtis. It's been sixty years now that Curtis has died, and for me, Peter Hook's club has surpassed the cultural expectations of Joy Division.