Thursday, 13 May 2010

Why don't we go Fuc ourselves?

Ha ha ha! This is brilliant! A Facebook page has been set up called FUCFUC51.

Their/his/her mandate is this:

"We are interested in anything good and positive for Manchester music. We are NOT like the desperate negative fools of the faceless FUC51.You wont be hearing the needy outpourings of a bitter wannabe on here.

"why can't it be meeeeeeeee that manchester is talking about"...'cos your a nerdy little dweeb and if you actually had the courage of your convictions you wouldn't post your ill-informed shite under a cloak of anonymity.

Lets keep it all good, after all, it's only a facebook page."

Click here and pay them a visit.


  1. Manchester disappoints yet again. A crudely-designed bratty counterpoint to the self-congratulatory laziness of nu-Fuc is not what the city needs. In truth, the true progressive side of the city actually just doesn't give a toss either way. Most of us fought this battle a few years back so this is all just a hamfisted rehash, albeit a faintly welcome one.

    (However recent events do seem to confirm that both Fuc and FucFuc are simply rival promoters/venue owners/etc airing their grievances by proxy.)

  2. I HATE YOU FUC51!!!/pages/Fuc-Fuc-Fuc-Fuc-Fuc-Fuc-51/119279308102845?ref=ts

  3. That might be our favourite thing we've ever seen on the internet, ever.

  4. @anonymous - we're not really affiliated with club nights, a few of us do do them, but we've not heard of any kind of 'rivalry' happening since the famous Manchester electroclash wars of 2002. They were messy times.

  5. This is getting confusing.

  6. "we're not really affiliated with club nights"


    "a few of us do do them"

    ah. incongruous.

    "we've not heard of any kind of 'rivalry' happening since the famous Manchester electroclash wars of 2002"

    you've not been listening hard enough then. seriously though, no dissing, i like what you do. just DO IT BETTER.

  7. I really, honestly don't get any of the fuss about fuc51, the anonymity, etc etc. So some chump wants to have a moan about Hooky/Factory/The price of fish/whatever? Who gives a shit? So he doesn't want to say who he is? Really: who gives a shit? I don't even know why anyone would read this blog barring the style of writing. It's pretty much lacking in any meaningful content so surely you'd have to want to read it to... y'know... read it?

    I don't really care who writes it, it makes me smile occasionally so I check it occasionally. If it doesn't make you smile, then go read something else that does. Its a pretty simple formula.

    Above all, stop moaning about the moaners and for fuck's sake, stop trying to turn someone you supposedly hate into some kind of bogeyman because that's how he'll end up being Robin Hood. Without all YOUR speculation, it's just another pissant whiny blog in the sea.

  8. Oh, here we go, the "you don't have to read it" argument! FFS!

  9. @Anonymous (ironic!)

    You don't have to read it... And you certainly don't have to make a rival Failbook group, effectively paying a massive compliment / giving free publicity to "The Enemy"... FFS!

    Also "A person on the Internet is has a different opinion from me?!?! SHOCK! HORROR! BAN THIS SICK FILTH, etc."