Saturday, 29 May 2010

What's hot in May 2010

A guest post today from a new contributor to Fuc. Name supplied.

This month's copy of "Britain's largest circulating music magazine" The Fly has a great little roundup of what's hot up here right now - be sure to have a look at who our Manchester Regional Correspondent has decided to highlight - that's right, four unassuming young lads from Burnage have been featured as 'album of the month'- let's just hope this much-needed exposure gives them the career lift they need.

See also this month's recommended gig - 'Ian Brown'. Excellent. So on a platform that could potentially be read by over 100,000 people nationwide (if you believe their stats), we tell Britain that the city is fuuuuucckking buuuuzzzing about another Oasis' greatest hits album, and the eagerly-anticipated "Manc bravado" sure to be provided by Ian Brown. Keep up the good work, Kelly Murray.


  1. And what do you suggest is happening in the city right now?

    I'm listening and I don't hear you say anything.

    Well apart from the bleating if a sad old man who couldn't get any work as a proper journalist (not surprising after reading that lightweight blog in Guardian)

  2. We're not here to tell you what to like, and if you don't like the writing, well, *shrugs*

    thanks for reading. Fuc x