Thursday, 3 June 2010

FAC251 to honour Manchester's musical heritage!

We've been slating Hooky and Co (not be confused with Legs & Co) for rolling around in Manchester's 20 year musical heritage like a pig in shit, but we can't fault his latest foray into the past as it has been announced that Factory251 is to host an evening in tribute to Maurice Gibb.

Hook has stated that Maurice, who grew up in Chorlton, is a man who "needs to be remembered... even though he was born in the Isle of Man."

Hook: "Mo' made loads of albums that never got released. There was 'The Loner', 'Strings and Things' and 'A Breed Apart'. He also did that musical called 'Sing a Rude Song' as well as producing albums and that one for that Swedish bird, Carola. Does anyone remember? Do they fuck. That's where we come in."

"Sadly, I haven't heard the albums and I don't like musicals, but in true Factory style, I won't let a little thing like that get in the way of celebrating one of Manchester's most famous sons! What I've done is formed a hastily assembled band made entirely of Mancunian legends to perform 'Bizarre Love Triangle' for 3 hours. Cressa from the Roses is on-board, as is Waggs from the Mondays and Rowetta said she's up for it if she can stay out of the spirits in The Northern long enough to not piss her knickers. I'll be on double neck bass."

The Maurice Gibb tribute night - 'Fanny Be Tender With My Love' - will be Thursday 15th July, tickets £20. Compere for the night is Toby Anstis.


  1. my aching sides. well thats a minute of my life i'll never get back...

  2. So, when you run out of 'retro' stuff to berate, you make stuff up. A parody of a parody...dull.

  3. ...andfurthermoreagain4 June 2010 at 12:57

    Just as an aside, look at the picture above and consider.... the hat, the granny glasses, the 'beady eyes', the stubble, the 'mass-of-chew-sets' (see what I did there), the crap leather jacket. Could this be the physical future for Liam Gallagher?
    Actually come to think of it; brothers 'G', a significant Beatles obsession on the first 3 albums, a south Manchester upbringing, a further brother who nobody really cares about. The parallels are astounding. Can't wait for Noel to go disco!
    (Curiously, in the previous blog, the 'review' of Time Flies 'controversially' reckons it the preferable option over The Bee Gees' Greatest Hits. Think I know what I'd rather shell out on.)

  4. If I can remember, Monaco (Hooky's side project) did a cover of You Should Be Dancing (by the Bee Gees).