Wednesday, 30 June 2010

FINALLY, some Hac memorabilia

 "This one's signed by Ian Curtis so I'm charging an extra grand ferrit"

In case you missed Tuesday 29th June's North West Tonight, D from Manchester fills us in:

"Last night, NW tonight featured an item on Peter Hook and the acquisition of his new bass guitar.

Not just any bass guitar. He's had a custom instrument made, crafted from the boards of the hallowed Hacienda Dancefloor, decorated in stripes coulored yellow and black (both colours of which Peter has bought exclusive ownership of) and with the numbers 5 & 1 adorned (again Peter owns exclusive rights to both of these two numerals)"

more info here


  1. Haha I watched it and all my haccy memories turned to puke

  2. Why doesn't this silly arse just let it go? I mean, really? What next - he lifts his Unknown Pleasures t-shirt to reveal Ian Curtis's face tattooed on his beer gut? Twat.

  3. I noticed this blog had been very quiet while it's writers desperately hoped for Peter Hook to do something to write about.
    This article is accompanied by the sound of a barrel being scraped.
    Can't wait for the next hilarious and witty installment.

  4. Possession isn't nine-tenths of the law. It's nine-tenths of the problem.

    John Lennon

  5. you don't have to wait very long for him to dredge the grave of the Hacienda do you though ? It's 8-12 days on average.
    What a turbo whopper.

  6. @anonymous - thanks for keeping an eye on the blog for us.

  7. He's a chump. Nobody has ever tested Peter Hook's claims to the Hacienda name in court, nor his continued belief that he is the only person entitled to copyright control over the phrase "Fac51" (he also seems to think he's the only person in the world entitled to put black and yellow stripes on flyers, which is just laughable). One day someone might have the balls and the money to challenge all this in court, and then this whole sorry nostalgic empire will come crashing down around him.

  8. He bought the name, we believe...

  9. Those dancefloor pieces keep turning up like that Berlin Wall, eh?

  10. According to our calculations, the dancefloor was the size of Wales.

  11. It was on Granada Reports not North West Tonight

  12. they should take it to the next level and make a drum mat out of Mike Pickering.

  13. Mike's really nice.

  14. Will this wanker never stop? Wilson and Gretton must be turning in their graves.

    In those famous words "THE PARTIES OVER". So let it fucking go you fat tosser. Since when was Factory or the Hac about nostalgia, that's exactly what Tony Wilson once stated he did not want Manchester to become, just like Liverpool and the Beatles was.

    And what's with this silly fat cunt DJ'ing? Since when was Hooky ever involved in the DJ'ing side of Manchester and the Hac? Or for that matter Sean Ryder and co?

    I'm glad that the factory head office remains intact but the place is fucking shite and is nothing more, like everything else being done recently, than an attempt to finally make some money and buy those "Big Fuck Off Houses In Cheshire".

    Hooky was part of a previous generation of Factory and Manchester anyway, and just because much of his cash went into floating the Hacienda does not mean he is an authority on it. The things that really made the Hac what it was were the people that went there week in week out, not specifically the DJ's or the Music, the music was not produced specifically for the fucking Hac now was it, it was being played elsewhere and across the pond. Without us the place would have shut down long before house ever exploded in the UK.

    I hate the way they like to try and centralize the Hac too, don't get me wrong, the Hac was a great place and an important one at that but by no means was it the beginning or the be all and end all.

    What about illegal warehouse parties, places like Konspiracy, The Kitchens and various little Blues that were running at the time....

    The Hac was part of a much bigger canvas and acid house was happening with or without the place - QED.