Monday, 21 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom RIP

Fuck all this squabbling. Really sad news reaches FUC51.

Frank Sidebottom has passed away after collapsing at home. Chris/Frank was a really lovely bloke and our thoughts go out to his family and everyone close to him.

Full story at the MEN here


  1. flipping legend right til the end. RIP

  2. Total bobbins. R.I.P

  3. Chris was a pioneer and many other people laid claim to things he did years earlier. He had his own record label way before Rabid/Hormones/Factory, he was across multi media before anyone else. Also a very, very talented artist. He lived in an Aladdin's Cave masquerading as a house in Hale, on the same street where I grew up. I was lucky enough to spend some time there last year. My dad spoke to Chris last night. 'I'm fine' he said to him. He was gone a few hours later. Such a shame.

  4. that fucker, trading off the past, how dare he....

    smiths covers, fucking scapegoat, i'd wish a big ill on the geezer if he wasnt already dead.


    FUC 51

  5. Hardly the time for jokes like that Anon. Too soon. Too soon.

  6. Damn.

    I remember stumbling across him not long after I moved to Manchester -he'd unveiled a mosaic outside Affleck's and used it to squirt a woman in front of about half a dozen very bemused people. A unique welcome to the city and a unique figure for sure.

  7. pathetic mr anon. you really are. still living in denial are we? maggot.

    frank was funny as fuck. you aren't.

  8. Nice one anonymous you fucking quim


    Peter Hook has announced that he will play Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures' album in full at this year's 1234 Festival.

    Taking place in London's Shoreditch Park on July 24, the bassist will perform with his band The Light.

    Last month, Hook played 'Unknown Pleasures' at Manchester's FAC 251 in tribute to his late Joy Division bandmate Ian Curtis.

    In a statement, the bassist revealed that this will be "the only time and the only place" in this country that he will play his former group's 1979 classic album in its entirety.


    Ok. I know Peter and his geography and his integrity are matched only by the MP Nick Clegg. So that will be a gig in every city (town probably) and I can guarantee Rowetta and The Light play this 'set' at least 4 more times before the year is out.

    When will they see the light?

  10. Wrong thread knob

  11. It's weird...some of my best friends say they never got him. But, to me, the never ending creative keyboard playing on channel M in the early hours, which was never a loop, well...hit home. This was recent stuff but I remember him as a kid too. It's also pretty comforting to know that as a child you were interested in a sophisticated artist...he had his dark moments. It was pretty absurd. I think I met him once downing loads of ale. So there you go. I liked Frank Sidebottom!

  12. Duncan Edward Jones1 July 2010 at 11:49

    I remember that! It did eventually loop after about 2 hours but it was WELL worth watching again! would love to be able to see that again.