Wednesday, 3 March 2010

£600 Book From Mr Hook

There's been a fair few of you getting in touch about Peter Hook's latest product. What's that? It's a book that will cost you £600.

One irked reader said "Speaking as an ex-Hacienda attendee in the late 80's and also a Joy Division and New Order fan, I really do feel that Factory should be left in the past. It was great at the time, but the 50-somethings (in particular, Mr. Hook) should let the Factory mystique go. It was great 20 odd years ago, but not now. It's not helping any new bands out there. Imagine my dismay when I saw this - Hooky still milking it for what it's worth. A £600 edition of his Hacienda book....*groan*"

So what's in this thing? Well, it's a limited edition run of Hooky's 'The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club'.

The press release says:

"Each hand bound boxed set of the book will include previously unpublished chapters, an exclusive vinyl record of tracks unavailable elsewhere, photographs of rare memorabilia and more."

"Two versions will be published ­ a Regular Edition of 400 copies and a Deluxe Edition of 100 copies. All copies will be signed by Hooky, and genuine pieces of the bar and dance floor rescued by him from the Hacienda will be incorporated into the packages."

"The Deluxe edition will incorporate a holographic cover, an exclusive coloured vinyl 10" record, a numbered piece of the Hacienda's bar top and more"

When people rob graves, some cunt tends to die of some hex or mosquito bite... so we can only keep our fingers crossed that Hooky's cock falls off or something (we're not total animals).


  1. Still seeing tons of unsold copies of How Not To Run A Club on the way to work every day.

    Is the overpriced 'special' edition (with free Fac-ssils) a way of balancing out on the lack of interest in the first pressing? Or more likely another dumbass Peter Hook project that'll go nowhere fast?

    Ah, I see.

  2. A "piece of the bar"? This was a nightclub, right? Not the Berlin fucking Wall...

  3. hahahaha... ^^^^ very true.

  4. Can't wait for his next book: 'How not to DJ'

  5. If even New Order/JD fans feel that way, you know he's jumped the shark, so to speak.

  6. If only I had a spare six hundred fucking sterling...

  7. You've ripped me off Hooky but this mix is quite entertaining - JS

  8. "If even New Order/JD fans feel that way, you know he's jumped the shark, so to speak."

    Not only has he jumped the shark, he's busy fucking it, charging money for everyone to watch him doing it, selling T-Shirts with sharks on, and finally making merchandise made of bits of shark.