Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bernard Speaks

Fuc51 spotted this interview with Bernard Sumner from the excellent Quietus site by Jude Rogers yesterday, and the contrast with his ex-bandmate is stark. Bernard talks fairly candidly about some of the objects of Fuc's past ire, and it's refreshing to hear a faint air bemusement at it all. On Delphic, he mentions 'This ’80s revival is bit weird for me, because if I was to do a track that sounded like it was from that time, I’d get crucified!' - indeed.

We'll let the interview speak for itself. It's plainly obvious from it why Bernard isn't about to hit the road to play Unknown Pleasures to empty venues, or would ever sign his name to anything like this:

Love Will Tear Us Apart....again!
NOW a hit West End musical
featuring the songs of New Order and Joy Division
with Toby Anstis as Ian Curtis
Peter Kaye as Rob Gretton
Peter Hook as himself

(Be still, beating heart. It's not real. Yet.)


  1. For a few moments I thought that musical for was real, and I wasn't shocked.

  2. Apparently he IS going to play New Order and Joy Division songs at BL's upcoming Liverpool gig (according to the promoters anyway). But I think there's a huge difference between being prepared to play music that you helped create to new generations of fans (as well as the original generation) and pumping the well dry for your own profit.

  3. I saw NO in '06 and I'm glad they'd reversed their decision to not play JD songs. They sit perfectly well alongside the NO bests. Of course it is a bit different playing them in a different band. But if he's proud of what he wrote he should air them all the same (and there is iirc a radio broadcast of bad lieutenant playing LWTUA, BLT and an Electronic track...). The bad lieutenant stuff is pretty strong, although "sink or swim" sounds a lot like Doves "catch the sun".


    no. born Macc, live in Manchester, Madchester generation and loved it. It was a long time ago. Loved Joy Division but no desire to see this... recommend music fans go to Holy Fuck that night instead