Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pills, Thrills and Wedding Cake

Here's a nice picture of Mr Ryder getting wed to some woman called Joanne. Note, the lovely haircut and fire extinguisher in the background.

Congratulations Shaun! Reception do at Hooky's new club?

(And, your captions please)

We wish them all the best, though for some reason the late Brookside actor Bill Dean springs to mind. Are they by any chance related?



  1. I think Mr Ryder should be granted a pass! Taking the piss out of his wedding pic is a bit mean. In my opinion, Happy Mondays are a criminally underrated band who are probably ripe for the sniping solely because of their dancing monkey. There's no way Ryder is any way as calculating and desperate as Hooky. But that's just my take on it - I wouldn't be surprised if there were anecdotes that'd prove me wrong.

  2. This is just a funny photo really, mainly due to Shaun's getup...

  3. good on em--hope they're happy

  4. I don't understand why you have posted this.

    the blog does have a bit of a nasty side, which i can stomach when its making a valid point. but what is your point here?

  5. There isn't one really. Thanks for commenting on Fuc51!