Friday, 26 March 2010

Remember the Hindenburg

This blog's gripe is as much with the continued perpetuation of tired Manc folklore as it is with the various cartoon characters that will continue to flog the same old horse, paying no mind to the fact that it was well and truly interred over a decade ago.

So, once again, we turn our attention to the Guardian's 'new bands' page. This time, they're featuring the band Airship. To lazily sum them up ourselves, they sound like everyband 90s American alt-rock. The Guardian can't help itself though. You see, Airship recorded their first demos in Macclesfield. Not just in Macclesfield, but in a warehouse in Macclesfield.

Quick, my article needs a hook. Can you think of anyone famous musically who's from Macclesfield? No, not Marion, no-one remembers them. Wait a minute... "...they continued to practise in this dingy, dank warehouse, dimly lit by a lightbulb dangling from a dirty ceiling, not dissimilar to the epically bleak, oppressive space immortalised in the video to Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Warehouse...Macclesfield... it's obvious really.

"They won't, they insist, be "donning black overcoats or contemplating suicidal thoughts to music journalists in the hope of shifting a few more records"

No, and why would they? Nowhere - apart from here, within this article written by Paul Lester (never afraid of a quick and lazy 'Dylan jamming stoned with a falsetto Beck' rock cliche) in the Grauniad, would anyone associate a band whose only crime is to have visited SK10 at some point to get some cheap studio time, with Joy Division.

[thanks to For Folk's Sake]


  1. I remember Marion!!
    Saw them in a cricket club in Northwich Feb/March 1994 !!

    They were great !!


    katy ek

  2. Not sure you can actually blame The Guardian entirely for this. I have in my inbox a press release from Airship's PR agent which contains the line "Demos were soon recorded (within the shadows of Joy Division’s rehearsal space in oppressive Macclesfield)"...

    - Cath @ manchestermusic

  3. Cheers Cath - ah, another lazy press release is to blame.