Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Unknown Depths

We'll pass this over to the good people of the DJ History Forum.

Along with the speculation that we might see Norman Collier as vocallist for this exciting project, someone also points out that it's 'very odd to have a tribute with two of the original members boycotting it'. Yes, it is very odd. Very odd indeed.

Yes, it's for charity. Or some of it is, exactly how much isn't disclosed. Feel free to donate here and save yourself the bother.


  1. I don't think said two original members are boycotting it or whatever out of disrespect for Ian.

    Maybe they're not just keen on this whole nostalgia thing (especially to this degree). And I respect that stance more than what Hooky is doing.

    This is not criticism of Hooky as a person, nor is this an attack.
    This is just how I honestly feel, even though I love Joy Division and New Order.

  2. The others aren't 'boycotting it', they probably only just heard about it. This is Hooky's thing, and his alone.

  3. Aye, he might be the only one there.....

  4. Outrageous, how low can you go - what about a 'gig' in Macc crem Hooky?

    Unknown Pleasures was 1979 so you're a year late. Looking forward to the 'Still' tour in 2012.

  5. On a sinking ship a sailor yearns
    For his Joy Division oven gloves
    Nero fiddles while Gordon Burns
    In his Joy Division oven gloves

  6. Has anyone read Hooky's rebuttal about this in the NME?
    Here's the link:

    Sometimes I wonder if Hooky is doing this just to wind up the people at FUC51, but I realise that's not the case, and he's serious about it.

    Besides, if you read it, he's already answered his own bloody question in the article: Sumner isn't keen about trading on the past.