Wednesday, 3 March 2010

This festival is sponsored by Mike and the Mechanics' 'Lookin' Back Over My Shoulder'

Oh! Whoopee! The Warehouse Project hosting a festival at Platt Fields! So, who to expect? Well, on the 11th June we'll be given a forward thinking treat in the form of...

Ian Brown, Bad Lieutenant (which features New Order's Bernard Sumner), Ha├žienda DJ Mike Pickering, ex-New Order bass player Peter Hook (DJ set), and Factory deadbeats A Certain Ratio. Eastern Bloc alumni Mr Scruff will appear, along with Justin Robertson and a whole load of slightly balding thirtysomethings all asking for Es.


  1. Thirtysomethings?
    They wish.
    The target demo for this have now entered their 40s (and i should know!)

  2. At the very least, Bernard Sumner is with his new band (which features two younger members), the one thing I give him credit is that he doesn't seem to be riding on the retro Hacienda bandwagon as much as his former bandmate.

    That's what makes Bernard Sumner a tad bit more bearable to me than some other Manc musicians in that age demographic.

  3. It's a piss-poor line-up in a lot of ways. Shuffle a few names around and you could have had the same line-up in 1987.

    But there are some good DJs on there and the Whip too. Just a shame the promoters couldn't get more new blood on the bill - anyone from Delphic, Courteeners and Kid British (none of them are really to my taste but that's not really the point, is it?)to Sisters of Transistors, Real Dolls, Lone Lady, even the Ting Tings.

    Maybe the promoters didn't think they would sell as many tickets as ACR?

    And if we're going to have even more revivals/nostalgia-fests, could I put a vote in for the Ruthless rap Assasins?

  4. 'and a whole load of slightly balding thirtysomethings all asking for Es', and no doubt the usual hotch potch of namedroppers and bulls****ters who 'personally know' or 'live next door to' or once 'were in a band with' etc etc etc. This seems to be a perculiar phenomenon of Mancunian audiences. I know certain Manc rock stars have been known for their rather active street presence or humble backgrounds but the schools are only sooo big in the area, surely not every single Mancunian went to school with Guy G, Noel, Ian, Hooky etc. Not that you'd have thought that from most of the people I've ever spoken to. My next door neighbour once even boasted to have been in the same class as (wait for this) Noel AND Liam. Eh? Either Noel got held back a few years or Liam was some kind of prodigy and went straight to exam year. Also, have had the dubious pleasure of speaking to someone who was on the verge of physically forcing his 'absolutely true' statement that his teacher was Ian Brown's dad. Sometimes you need wings to stay above it...............