Monday, 29 March 2010

Who the Fuc? (reprise)

A flurry of emails 'outing' Fuc51 have landed in our inbox of late (one even suggesting this was all an elaborate marketing campaign for Fuc251 itself, which if true would be mind-bendingly amazing).

The more boring truth is that Fuc is not any one person. A number of people have the login details, and the majority of our posts come from submissions from people in Manchester via our email address.

We'll leave you with the frightening news that "Gideon Conn has written a great world cup track with guest vocals from Clint Boon."


  1. It's ok, Elliot Eastwick told me who you are anyway!

    har har

  2. the odds on it being john robb are 250 to one

  3. Help me out. Does anyone GET Gideon Conn.

    Saw him supporting John Cooper Clarke and for the first 15 minutes of his set I thought he was some random who on a night out from the home had given his carer (Linda) the slip.

    The best I can say is it turns out he isn't mentally ill other than that I've got nothing else.

  4. sorry bubblegunner recordings,

    the fact you just stated you have been to see an old codger still doing the rounds like John Cooper Clarke means you are considered irrelevant by FUC51 and not worth acknowledgement unless for mocking purposes.

    Come back when you are cool enough to realise the only thing worth listening to are bands made up of schoolchildren who haven't actually played a gig outside of the main hall at dinnertime.

    These bands will often have cool names that roll off the tongue and will stand the test of time like 'Qwerty Uiop & the Asdfghjkls', 'Skelexdix', 'Hernia 11', 'Mudclout', 'Mum what's for tea?', 'Kingdom Of Clunge', 'Chewinggumflickknifechangeforthebushome' or even something like 'Am I Bugging You Or What, Yeah?'

  5. Cheers you FUC51er I Needed that.

    Don't know what I was thinking... I will now only attend gigs at scout huts with bands whose members average under 16 years old.

    I'll be stood at the back with the bass players mum and dad.

    Isn't that how Jonathan King got in trouble though. One to ponder.

    You've got me thinking about a move into the lucrative world of artiste management now.

  6. Fuc likes John Cooper Clarke, for the record.

    It's not that the past is irrelevant, but John wasn't running a night called 'chickentown' at the Roadhouse last time we looked.

  7. I hear Jonno from sixth form will be putting on a new night with Toby playing some whammo cool beats yeah on his mum's laptop.

    Everyone meet a Jonno's after last bell, we'll all get a lift into town from Jonno's mum. It'll be the most bonza night ever. Toby will be playing this ripper new music called Rave and everyone can get dressed up in clothes from that Oxfam shop and get wazzed.

  8. Why's C**nt boon wearing a City top? Supposed to "Oldham's Finest", is he a Latics denier, now they're languishing at the bottom of Div.1?