Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Everyone dancing along Mr Curtis style"

FUC51 received an invite to a gig on Facebook and, well... we'll let it speak for itself.

"on the 18th May 1980 the country lost a legend, to mark his life and music.. Boon Army Army bring you a very special night... TRANSMISSION THE ULTIMATE JOY DIVISION TRIBUTE BAND...

Devoted to recreating the atmosphere of a live Joy Division gig, Transmission emulate the sound of one of the most inventive, evocative and influential groups of their era. Joy Division were formed in the late 1970s and dissolved in May 1980 after the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis.

The remaining members went on to form New Order and have achieved much critical and commercial success. The influence of Joy Division, however, was far reaching. They were considered the pioneering band of the post-punk movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than 30 years on you can still relive the dark cavernous sound of Joy Division through Transmission one of the leading UK tribute bands.

Tickets are an absolute bargain at just £7 as we want this night rammed and everyone dancing along Mr Curtis style... So come down, reminisce and let the music live on..".


  1. Sounds like a hideous nightmare

  2. "everyone dancing along Mr Curtis style". this is just incredible, cunt boon treating epilepsy as a BIT OVVA FOOKIN LAFF INNIT. looking forward to their halloween party featuring simon weston masks

    if fac251 has done anything of value (and it hasn't really) it'll be sending this sorry set of arseholes down to the dole office. utterly fucking repulsive

  3. I think it was (Wilhelm) Reich who came up with the staggeringly banal observation that there are two pathways through life : either to suffer, or to become a 'student' of another's suffering.
    Either way frankly I'd rather be so unhappy that I hanged myself, than be subjected to this crap, which conversely probably would be sufficient to make me reach for the washing line.

  4. Clint Spoon needs to be put down, as does anyone who associates themselves with his so called army. The mere mention of the phrase 'Boon Army' makes me want to hit the streets ala Michael Douglas in Falling Down...

  5. Tim is that you who did the last post? It is isn't it?
    x the doughnut