Friday, 12 February 2010


"Chimp Magazine is what Manchester's readers, advertisers, activists and artists have all been waiting for"


Only 10 issues old and they're already playing the '89 card. Seriously. It breaks down like this, issue by issue:

#1 Talking 808 State's Graham Massey
#2 Talking to Doves, formerly Sub Sub
#3 Stephen Morris on the cover
#4 Again, talking to Massey
#5 A reprieve
#6 Talking to Johnny Marr
#7 Hooky on the cover
#8 Bernard Sumner on the cover
#9 Poor ol' Delphic on the cover
#10 Ian Brown on the cover

It feels like it's only a matter of time before Shaun Ryder or Bez makes an appearance doesn't it? Having flicked through the mag, they're clearly not Madchester casualties, but it says a lot about the view of the city that one of their main hooks to get people buying the rag is to lean heavily on a scene that died many moons ago.

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  1. So Doves are trapped in 89 are they ?

  2. Pedantic, aren't we?

  3. no, doves are trapped in a miserablist void of tedium and 'add more strings, it'll make it em-o-shu-nul'. biggest load of dogshit since embrace. and lo, look at which arsewipe recently opened a club in town! manchester is fast becoming a mecca for now-past-it greedy old men who worship the guitar and chris moyles.

  4. Hmmm.. I'll pass your application on to the Doves fan club, but it's not looking good at this stage.

  5. Such a list might be more valid were the magazine not a regular host to the very same debate. The later/earlier comments concerning the Longcut and NBA only lead us to believe we share an interest in waiting for something far more shattering than anything from 89 to come along... why not say hello sometime from behind the comfort of the 89-obsessed name of the blog - our travels may even intersect! Yours, Livid of Chimp Tenements (an early 80s Not The Nine Oclock news reference, as if it really matters)

  6. Don't like it? Don't buy it?

  7. 12 FEBRUARY 2010 16:52
    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous, you are without doubt the biggest cloth eared tit on the internet.

  8. well what d'you expect with a title like manchester chimp....its called saturation ain't it....?
    and an easy target for such bright people....
    but how about the bigger/real busily ignored.....
    i guess screenwipe and brasseye has taken the sheen off bein a proper political reporter...


  9. this is the reason i hate monkeys. that and paul frank underwear.

  10. Dear Chimp,

    You are not as smart as you think.

    "Such a list might be more valid were the magazine not a regular host to the very same debate." All this statement provides is the claim that you are conscious of this debate. However, the list clearly indicates what side of the fence you sit.

    Also, 'validity' is bivalent, it does not measure truth on an qualitative scale, i.e. 'X' is either 'valid' or 'invalid'. Furthermore, lists can only be invalid if they are wrong. Unfortunately, this list is correct.

    "The later(sic?)/earlier comments..." It's like you're typing the sound of your brain melting.

    Finally, whilst you're "waiting for something far more shattering than anything from '89 to come along..." why don't you try looking at the fairer sex, or Black culture, or outside of Manchester, or why don't you realise that it happens all the time, it's just that you're too myopic/servile to notice.