Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Goon Army *UPDATED*

"You could say that Manchester has been hungover on hazy memories of the Hacienda, Morrissey, the Gallaghers and the like for too long... but let’s face it where Mad-chester left, Bland-chester took over. It’s little wonder that we clutch onto the memory and there’s no better place to do that than at South nightclub."

"[Clint Boon]'s completely in his element and it shows with every record that he plays. As he stands bopping in the box, each tune is delivered with love. Love for music. Love for real music- whatever the era. From the Stone Roses and Joy Division to the Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, Candi Staton and the Smiths - he works his way through the wonder years."

Lynda Moyo should be strung up and shot at.

Read the idiocy here


As someone in the comments rightly points out, the offending article has been removed by Manchester Inconsequential. Is that a victory for FUC51 we can smell?


And it seems to be back again, albeit it in an edited form. For fuck's sake. We've clearly touched a nerve.


  1. I felt so SICK and DISGUSTED reading this extract that I was COMPELLED to go to source and read more. BUT imagine my surprise when landing on Munchester Conflidential's "music" "review" section thingything only to find the OFFENDING ARTICLE HAS BEEN REMOVED. Now I guess I shall never know what "A TIM BURGESS NIGHT" is.

  2. Candi Staton is from MCR now?

    6 out of 7 ain't bad, i guess.

  3. Pieces like that make you realise just why this blog must be built.

  4. Well done 'Bentley' over there, whoever you are.

  5. It's back up yet it seems that it's been edited somewhat ...

    "Still, he’s not afraid to dip into modern music, picking out tracks for the troops that show that there is still hope for music of today. Florence and the Machine, Dizzee Rascal, Kasabian and Kings of Leon all fit the Boon bill, even if it means searching further afield than Manchester. The varied crowd reflects the different styles and eras of music but fundamentally it’s a place where ear warmer hair cuts and duffle coated Manc lads dominate."

  6. So you don't like South, Clint Boon, Tim Burgess? Well don't fucking go there then, it's not for you. If you're all sick & tired of Factory and Madchester still being mentioned in every article about Manchester, then get off your arses and do something about it. Some people happen to enjoy it. I'm not keen on what's going on over at M-Two & the printworks every weekend but not going to spend my time droning on about it on a blog, actions speak louder than words you moaning lazy twats.

  7. sad bastards have edited it like that?

    Ha fucking ha.

  8. So what are you going to put in its place?
    What new bands/clubs/new manchester music are you giving us?
    all you seem to do is hate clubs that are packed with young people having a good time...

  9. YOUNG people having a good time? do we go to the same place? It's always full of people in their mid thirties when i go

  10. Lynda has obviously never experienced any of the AMAZING underground scenes including the Metal scene in the late 90's and hard dance scene early 2000's that were bubbling under the streets of Manchester.

    Mainstream "writers" are so hung up with Madchester because it's something they've read about, or been to an exhibition about or watched a film about it. They have sad little lives, so when they review nights in Manchester they start off by comparing it to a Madchester they've never even experienced for themselves because they haven't had the pleasure like many true Manchunians of appreciating Manchester's numerous music scenes since the Hacienda days. For fuck's sake just let the era go and move on towards your boring middle aged life.

  11. "YOUNG people having a good time? do we go to the same place? It's always full of people in their mid thirties when i go"

    haha, go somewhere else then you nad.

    most of the comments here are blatantly attacking people beyond the age of 29 for getting out there and actually enjoying themselves. Like it or not in ten years time you young spunks will no doubt still be wanting to go out and enjoy yourself, just be prepared for the new generation of whiny little oiks to bitch about it coz they've got nothing going on for themselves...