Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Just what we all needed...

We love Manchester. We really do. However, it's hard to feel the love when you see things like this. It's just what we needed wasn't it? Yet another Madchester night.

The idiots throwing this night say "Roll up, roll up. We're throwing a party in our basement, and you're all invited, bonzai! We've the lovely GARETH BROOKS (a man with a MySpace page with pictures of Ian Curtis and Ian Brown) supplying your ears with tunes, all things Indie, Electro, Classic."

What they should have said was "Take one step forward... then, lazily stumble backwards until you hit somewhere around 1989."


  1. Fucking hell, not seen a night like this for ages. I am so glad Gareth Brooks spotted this gap in the market, its not often you get this type of music nobody else seems to play.

  2. sound control's a decent place, loads of proper bands on the listings, and when you've been planning a club for ages and then some rich twat comes and opens one round the corner the same week and gets all the press then attempting to steal their crowd off them is probably fair game. it does look like a particularly shit night though.