Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Manchester Music Museum

A FUC51 reader sent us a link to the inbox about a Facebook group called Let's build the MANCHESTER MUSIC MUSEUM - the time is right ! [here]

Only a fool would deny Manchester's rich musical heritage... whoever, the main reason that a Manchester Music Museum wouldn't work is because, by and large, the city is already a boring museum exhibit dedicated to Madchester. Walk around the Northern Quarter and look at your feet and there, you'll see tribute to a small handful of bands in the paving stones who either knew or worked for Tony Wilson.

It seems that, when the Sex Pistols played the Free Trade Hall and accidentally kick-started a musical 'revolution' in Manchester, the message that really resonated with Those That Were There was the line "no future, no future for you, no future for me...".


  1. I've gone right through the other side of hatred for the FAC251 project and arrived at a kind of aloof contempt. Perhaps it will be inadvertently beneficial for Manchester music? I think the themepark-ation of all that Madchester crap will polarise opinion: people who until now felt some complacent nostalgia for the era will be embarrassed into letting it go. Could this be the watershed that Manchester needs?

  2. it's a good thing in that it'll round up all the bellends in one place. fac51: making other clubs in manchester 1000x better hurrah!

  3. Madchester deniers?
    Is that extra thick stockings for leaving a sweaty club??
    Chris B

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