Tuesday, 9 February 2010

From Hooky with love

Someone claiming to be our Hooky sent us a message to the FUC51 inbox. Yessum, with a video as well. It's a trailer for FAC251 and we reckon he might be having a little joke with us seeing as it features music from the dark side... but wait! What's this? A punchline?

If it is who it claims to be and by which we mean, he's reading this blog, then do us all a favour sunshine and drop the whole Russian oligarch schtick. Dress like one by all means... but y'know?


  1. it's obvious he's reading this blog. he's said as much in recent interviews. it's important that he knows the true heart of the city wants fuck all to do with his tawdry cash-in shit.

  2. the stuff that nightmares are made of http://www.manchesterconfidential.com/images/201028story-groupshot.jpg

  3. Fantastic! It's getting even more like Phoenix Nights - hope to see Ray Vaughn lined up soon. And what about the dolly bird dancers, lawks a mercy!

    Well done Hooky on missing the point completely, but as you said, it's your club you can do what you like.