Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Who the Fuc?

There are a lot of people asking who we are and where we're from.

Who FUC51 is isn't of importance. There is 'someone' behind the blog, but here at FUC51, we've also had hundreds of submissions from all manner of sources - people you've heard of and people you haven't. Attaching a single name doesn't seem right.

All you need to know is that FUC51 is based in Manchester.


  1. I am Fuc51, we are all Fuc51.

  2. It's gotta be Gary and Phil Neville

  3. Agreed. If you look at your fans on facebook it is full of members of good new Manchester bands and independent promoters. There are very many against this and it's refreshing.

    Most of the abusers share this primal instinct of, 'They're attacking Manchester. Must be cockneys or scousers that!' Idiots. Read the actual content.

    Also- do they not realise Manchester has an extremely large student population? The heart of the city's music scene has been made up of people born from all over the UK and beyond for quite some time.

    Why does it matter where they are born anyway? What matters is if they care about music in the city where they now live. Most moved here on a dream of the city being a creative and music capital of the north. Hence their disillusionment with stuff like FAC251.

    Keep up the good work fuc51. It is very needed.

  4. ''Most of the abusers share this primal instinct of, 'They're attacking Manchester. Must be cockneys or scousers that!' Idiots. Read the actual content''

    Spot on. That seems to be what has happened to our Elliot. Must be all that Thai boxing he does. I couldnt give a f**k if it was cockneys or scousers. What matters is that all the points are relevant and well made.

    I would like to see things change but I just can't see it while we still have dinosaurs from the era like Clint Boon etc controlling the radio output and excitedly creaming his pants over every half-decent lad rock band. Every musical event in Manchester seems to be like some sort of 'old boys' club. Someone mentioned it being like Phoenix Nights further down and its true.

  5. anonymous posts.
    anonymous people running and editing content.

    Grow up.

  6. For the record. I actually agree with most of what you say/views.

    I just (like many others) think they are presented in a really childish bitter kind of way.

    I couldn't give a fuck about Manchester's cultural relevance, or who makes money out of its musical heritage. Just as I don't with Liverpool London etc.

    I lived in Manchester for many years and was constantly involved in new music labels, nights.

    The reason The Hac is flagged up so often is becuase it was so unique. I'm lucky enough to have grown up in the place, learning new things, changing my pre-conceptions, meeting nice people etc.

    Is it a bad thing that I remember the place that pretty much started me out, and the unique opportunities I was given from the likes of Tony, Gretton et al?

    I still like and buy an awful lot of new music. But looking over your shoulder from time to time. Is that such a crime?

    Elliot x

  7. New rule - can everyone please include your names and addresses and a daytime contact number for Elliot please

  8. elliot, there's a big difference between 'looking over one's shoulder from time to time' and 'erecting a monument to something 20 years ago and perpetuating the lazy journalistic trick of harking everything back to the Old Days'.

    and seeing as you persist in harking on about people being anonymous - as if you're fucking king arthur wielding your mighty NAMEsword around to collective swoons and gasps - here's a quick explanation you thick twat: the people that we're railing against here, the very same people who made a fortune out of this whole deal first time round and don't like to see the cashcow slip away, those very same people are in charge of all this stinking madchester theme park crap, and they - as shitty as it is - have a lot of influence in and around manchester with the other old fuckwits who run venues, council funding, the press and other such institutions that 'run ting'. the various writers, band members, promoters, bloggers and other creative types who write on here want to get their point across without risking one of the Old Guard fucking with their future. ask around, there's plenty of examples of it. now, this obviously doesn't apply to you as you've basically given up on all creative endeavours and fair play to you, well done big man, have a banana.

  9. How about instead mocking Ellott, Hooky , Clint Boon et al for their views and the fact they still do what they do or have a say in things, why don't you people do something positive/pro-active? If any of you are in bands today struggling to find an audience, will you turn down a slot at the new Factory club? What would it mean for Clint Boon to champion YOUR band and give you airtime? Stop pissing and moaning and give a new generation something to talk about, a new chapter to add to Manchester's rich musical heritage.

  10. ''anonymous posts.
    anonymous people running and editing content.

    Grow up.''

    Again, missing the point. The only reason you want names is to construe where there is any agenda behind the site, which there isnt.

  11. "why don't you people do something positive/pro-active?"

    because sometimes saying 'fuck you' is enough in itself. we're not here to establish a new agenda, although plenty of us are doing this in our own personal ways, for me this blog is just an outpouring of anger that our city is being dragged down like this, sticking two fingers up to the idiots pissing on their legacy. it doesn't HAVE to be any more than that.

    "If any of you are in bands today struggling to find an audience, will you turn down a slot at the new Factory club?"

    yes totally. it's all about not being an un principled lickspittle.

    "What would it mean for Clint Boon to champion YOUR band and give you airtime?"

    it would mean an embarrassing relic from the past is trying to hitch a ride to the future. clint boon giving us airtime? haha you speak like he's some mystical saviour of local music, he's far far from that. there are radio djs out there who genuinely champion new music and new sounds (mac, lowe, etc) and then there are the boons and the gareth brooks of this world. just because we live in this city doesn't mean we have to abide by the godawful tastemakers the lazy fucks in charge give us.

    "Stop pissing and moaning and give a new generation something to talk about, a new chapter to add to Manchester's rich musical heritage."

    again that's the point of this blog. read over what you've written and stop at the word 'new chapter'. burn that onto your forehead.

  12. Hahaahah - ooooOoOOOOOoh you're all SO ANGRY!
    You CRAZY liberated young people!
    It's FABULOUS!!


  13. fabulous like the music policy and clientele at revolution bars!

  14. Hi Elliot - you don't really bring much to the table, do you? Here's a suggestion - get the fuck off the internet.

    Richard Hennigan
    5, Oswald Road,
    M21 9LH
    07538 487 941

  15. It's hilarious that when Elliot is backed up against a wall he reverts to playground sarcasm to weedle his way out. El, why not engage directly with some of the points rather than turning into INTERNETBRATMAN? Actually what am I saying, we need a better class of disagreeable than this failed promoter. Any way of getting some of the proper old guard on here?

  16. It is making me cringe unbelievably reading Elliot's comments. I don't think I've ever heard such a load of bullshit in my life. Elliot - in the last few years you have curated a (shit) exhibition about the Hacienda in Urbis, have made an utter tit of yourself in the media by ratting out Kate Moss (cool), and now play The Saturdays and Snow Patrol on fucking Penk FM. What you say is so irrelevant. You live in the past, riding on your pathetic past "glory" as a glass collector turned DJ and hoping people recognise you. Well they do. They recognise you as being an absolute twat. Now fuck off, you attention seeking dickhead.

  17. let us not forget the abomination that was CLASH at deansgate locks. the ultimate dismal cash-in that closed in less than two weeks. not sure who was to blame most there, our very own elliot or those snake oil selling sharks at mcr:music who run the self-serving, mistake-riddled, privacy-invading piece of shit to hit manchester in years, the unsigned guide. those guys deserve a blog entry of their own, horrible fuckers, the shame of manchester