Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Manchester Inconsequential

Like reading drossfests that say "This happened, then this happened, then this happened, then I saw my old buddy and old pal and this happened! Then that happened! Then this happened as well! Backslapping! This happened after that happened!"

Ladies and gents, the Manchester Confidential write up of the opening night of FAC251! [here]

You'll love it. Seriously.

Thanks to 'Disappointed of M1' who spotted it.


  1. Who the fuck is Gordo and why is he such a massive cunt

  2. Jesus. That is SHIT.

  3. This was a big hit to the credibility of both FAC251 (for hosting him) and ManCon (for sending him) - didn't anyone at ManCon have the balls to say 'Actually Gordo, it might look a bit shit if you do our coverage of this big event when you've got no interest in new music'
    From the article: "...all sorts of different acts, exciting shenanigans, and all manner of music genres Gordo doesn't even want to know about." What a bilious old third-person-talking knacker.

  4. Why don't people (i.e yous that edit this site) use your proper names??
    Being anonymous makes the whole thing utterly pointless no?

    (that includes 'Gordo' who is - without doubt - a cleft of the highest order)

    I don't know what's worse - his shit referring to himself in the 3rd person 'writing' or the the fact your so annoyed by Hooky you spend all this time and effort.

    Here's the answer.

    You are BOTH bad dicks.

    Elliot Eastwick (I was 'there' yeah?)

  5. True, we're all getting a little bored of all this continuation of an old theme a-la-Liverpool avec Beatles...
    But again? what is here to replace it but watered-down versions of that very stuff? when i hear Clint Boon on Xfm celebrating new bands like twisted wheel etc for being straight from the council-estate rock mould as Oasis and Delphic as being the new New Order, i feel a bit sick. Gotta admit i missed the Madchester years and was sold by the mythology but have hankered and expected for something radical to sweep the North again but it just never happened.
    I decided to leave it to rest and grow up, look forward and outward and to be honest couldn't believe what i'd missed out on. So much else happening around the world. Yeah, Manchester is world renowned for it's 80's legacy. Erect a statue where students can have a photo after they've visited Salford LC and have done with it. That era deserves credit but it's getting monotonous hearing about revivals and this film and that book.
    To the creators of this site i propose an ideas forum for a final memorial, to lay the legacy to rest. Then you lot can sleep and those who (undeniably) visit this city to pay homage can have a point of contact. 'Hookie' can disappear safe in the knowledge that his immortality is assured and everyone else can choose whether to go to that club.. Or not!
    I'll start the ball rolling with the idea for a mural against that rubbish concrete wall in Piccadilly containing all the famous faces from Buzzcocks onwards. That guy who does the mosaics on afflecks and oldham street could do it.. Job done..
    Now the debate for who should be on it.. And who would phisically p1ss on the Gallaghers first?

    Why not stop critcising and stop the rot? Don't get bogged down, get stuck in..??
    Chris B

  6. Wish we could all be fine purveyors of taste when it come to music, just like you Elliot. I was blown away when I heard the fantastic collection of songs you put together for The Revolution's All Time Top 200 containing lost classics such as Britney 'Toxic', Katrina & The Waves 'Walkin On Sunshine' and that little known gem Spice Girls 'Wannabe'. You are really wasting yourself working there Elliot, have you ever tried giving Butlins a ring?

    Yeah, I know are going to say they aren't your personal choices but even to associate your name with such crap makes you a 'bad dick'.


  7. Oh do shut up Elliot. Why are you Uncle Tomming for all this crap? Have some self-respect, lest you turn into Danny Rampling (this snake oil salesman is arguably the only person more of a cunt than Hook right now).

  8. Jackie.
    That's my job.
    Grow up.

    What do you do for a living?
    Serious question

  9. ...and Toxic by Britney IS a great record.

  10. For fuck's sake, it's not even the best Britney song, if that's even praise.

  11. toxic is one of the best britney records but this blog isn't for petty arguments about taste in pop music.

  12. fuck me is this what its come to, debating records by britney spears

  13. Aint no other man by Christina is a fine record too

  14. Wow, now this is some intelligent discussion